Reasons Why Hiring a Haulage Company Makes Sense

Whether your company routinely produces goods or sells manufactured goods and parts, it’s more than likely you will want them delivered, either around the UK or further afield. So do you opt to handle transport logistics in house or secure the services of a haulage company to carry out this aspect of the work for you? It’s entirely up to you, but there are significant advantages to going down the latter route. Here we look at just three.

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1.  Cost Efficiency

While the costs of hiring a haulage company or one that provides freight forwarding services to deliver your goods may seem expensive at first sight, it’s important not to forget the investment you’d have to make in vehicles and manpower to be able to do this as a company. Purchasing suitable vans, trucks or trailers and then maintaining them on an ongoing basis is likely to be a far greater expense over the longer term.

Plus, your usage may not be sufficient to justify running delivery vehicles all year round. What if you have peak seasons and far quieter periods? Then you may not have enough vehicles in the former scenario and vans or lorries lying idle in the latter. With a reliable transportation company on your side, you’ll have access to the right resources when you need them. A larger company can scale up to meet your demand and not charge you for periods where you don’t need their services. So overall, you’ll save money outsourcing this service.

2.  Skill and Reliability

A company set up to provide freight services will have the skills in-house to dedicate to ensuring deliveries are made promptly and goods arrive in the condition they’re expected. Doing the job day in, day out means they are highly experienced. They will have come across any and all potential setbacks, and know how to overcome them. Their priority is to meet the terms of any service level agreement you have with them, and they’ll have agreed procedures in place to do that. In short, you can rely on them, so time and energy spent on organising freight is freed up to be spent instead on what you do best: managing your own business.

3.  Flexibility

The typical haulage company will have a wide range of clients of all shapes and sizes. These clients will no doubt require an equally extensive array of services. You may only require one or two, but over the lifetime of your company, you could need more. Want something sent in a hurry? Your haulage company will be able to tell you instantly how much it will cost to send it air freight. Only have a part load, but need to get it to the customer regardless? A good haulage company will be able to arrange groupage services, so your cargo can be transported sooner without having to make a dedicated trip with a small load.

There are a host of other benefits to be gained from using a very experienced haulage company like MAC European Freight Ltd. For instance, we also offer warehouse storage on flexible terms, international freight that includes dealing with all the necessary paperwork and arranging delivery through our haulier partners abroad, and vehicles suitable for many types and sizes of load, including pallet delivery. Call in the experts today.

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