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The cost of transport of goods throughout the UK and beyond can be expensive, but groupage services could cut that dramatically. Rather than paying for a whole trailer or container, even if your goods don’t fill it in its entirety, take advantage of lower prices by only paying for the space you need. MAC European Freight Ltd is an experienced haulage expert offering affordable groupage for your business needs.

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Groupage Services

  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Speed up delivery times
  • Free up storage space
  • Satisfy customer requirements
  • A flexible, versatile service

The Advantages of Groupage Services

In business, your reputation depends on delivering what the customer wants, when they want it. And with the rise in technology, the fact is that the customer expects what they have ordered faster than ever before. This can mean you end up paying over the odds to transport goods to them in a hurry.

But businesses both large and small can benefit from the flexibility of groupage services. In short, this service means that your load can be transported along with other businesses’ goods, without you having to pay for space you aren’t using. Nor do you have to wait to fill an entire trailer or container before your products can be shipped. Not only can that improve your customer response times, but it can also reduce your own costs of warehousing goods that can instead be transported straight away. And as an additional benefit, it’s a more environmentally friendly way of managing loads, as trailers, vans and the like aren’t being sent on their way part-empty.

Speak to MAC European Freight Ltd About Our Groupage Services

Whether you are sending goods to a location in the UK or looking for delivery European wide, we’re the team to speak to. Based in Telford, we operate nationally and internationally, and offer a range of flexible delivery solutions. We’re sure to have one that meets your requirements as well as your budget. Find out whether groupage is the right option for you by asking for a quote today.

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We provide road haulage in the UK for loads both large and small via our well-maintained fleet of vans and lorries. We also provide European import and export services through our network of hauliers, all at competitive prices. For European import, export and air freight deliveries, contact MAC European Freight Ltd now on 01952 587 034 or get in contact by clicking the button below.