Selecting the Best Haulage Company for Your Needs

Whether you are just starting out as a business or are well established and looking to change your current haulage company to cut costs or get a better service, the bottom line is the same. Choose the wrong firm to deliver your goods and your reputation will suffer. There’s no point in paying less for transport logistics if the service is inferior, your customers’ expectations are not met and the whole process becomes a false economy. Here are four tips on what makes a great haulage company to help your selection process.

The Best Haulage Company UK

1.  Established Enterprise or New Contender?

It can be tempting to try out the latest haulage road and air freight company operating in your area. After all, they’ll be keen to make a positive impression and may even be offering low introductory prices. But that’s a risk. Opt for a company that’s been in the business a considerable length of time, and you’ll really benefit from that experience. First, they should have a good track record of customer satisfaction to help convince you that you’ve made the right decision. Then, they will have had time to iron out any logistical problems, as well as to develop the right contacts abroad if you’re looking for international freight services, say. And finally, they’ll typically have a well-established fleet of vehicles to cater to a wider range of requirements than a newcomer to the market.

2.  Check Out Their Customer Base

There’s safety in numbers, and if the freight forwarding or haulage business you’re considering can demonstrate it has clients similar in size, type and requirements to your own, then you know they’re capable of delivering on your behalf too. Good companies will be happy to offer a client list and testimonials; and you can also check independent reviews online to assure yourself that they deliver on their promises.

3.  Ensure They Offer the Range of Services You Might Need

Your business might primarily operate within the UK, so haulage within Britain will probably be the main service you’re looking for. But if you occasionally do send goods abroad, or this is an area you’d like your business to expand into over the longer term, there’s no harm in making sure your chosen haulage company can meet these one-off or future demands. That will save you time on procurement of these types of services in the future.

4.  Look for Added Value

A good haulage and pallet delivery company is continually expanding on the services it offers to meet its growing market. If you can find a contender that goes further than just delivery, for example in providing warehousing and storage, then you may be able to outsource other areas of your operation to them. Also, check out whether they offer groupage services for part loads. Aspects like these could save you big money over the longer term.

One final bonus tip: have a conversation – face to face or over the phone – with any haulage company whose services you are thinking of using. Are they responsive, proactive about offering solutions to your transportation problems and friendly and approachable too? These are all hallmarks of a good haulage company you can work in partnership with.

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